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Tree Pay (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tree Pay (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Treepay is a Global Payment Solution Provider that specializes in bringing the world’s most advanced payment technologies to Thailand. We look to lead this initiative with a vision to help transform Thailand into Asia’s next leading technological hub. Treepay was founded through a joint venture between CAT Telecom, SK Telecom and Korea Cyber Payment. Treepay brings a world class payments platform that was developed in South Korea by SK Telecom and Korea Cyber Payment. CAT Telecom looks to use their position in the market to change the way the good people of Thailand transaction online.   Location: CAT Tower at Bangrak (Behind Post office Bangrak) - 10 minutes’ walk from BTS  Sapan -Taaksin
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Bellugg Group Co.,Ltd.
Bellugg Group Co.,Ltd. Bellugg is a full service luggage delivery services company. Our goal is to provide our customers with a smoother and more convenient travel experience by allowing you to breeze through airports without the discomfort and inconvenience of carrying your luggage. We know that the travelers today want to make the most out of their vacation.  Your luggage may limit places to visit, public transportation options, and hands to hold your loved ones. Why not leave your luggage with us and we will deliver your luggage to your destination.  Our services stand by these three values: Safe We understand how much you love your belongings.  You can travel luggage free and stress free, knowing that Bellugg has coordinated the delivery of your bags with the hotel and they will be held in a secure location until your arrival.  Once your luggage has arrived at your designated destination, we will immediately notify you so that you can continue on your journey without worrying. On-Time                   Time is crucial when you travel. A one-minute delay could result in a missed flight. That’s why we prioritize on-time delivery. We guarantee that your luggage will be waiting for you to pick-up and you will not miss your flight. Trackable                   We’ve integrated a tracking system for our services. We know what it feels like not knowing the whereabouts of your luggage, especially in a foreign country. Bellugg will let you know when your luggage is delivered so you can travel with the peace of mind that it will be waiting for you at your destination when you arrive.
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QuEST Global Engineering & Software Technologies Pte Ltd
QuEST Global Engineering & Software Technologies Pte Ltd to QuEST Global Engineering Services that was founded 1997, with 70+ centres globally over 15 countries and 13000+ employees as of today.We are a global Product Engineering and Lifecycle Services Company that has retained its focus on solving challenges faced by our customers through the entire product lifecycle-from design and development, to production and aftermarket, including engineering process services, and supply chain management. Leveraging our cross industry domain experience and expertise in pervasive technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain and augmented reality, we have empowered our esteemed aero engines clients to maximize uptime, optimize business efficiency, sharpen competitive edge, and boost profitability. For over a decade, our OEM and Tier1 partners have relied on our expertise in product engineering, manufacture, MRO, digital enablement, and AI applications to accelerate product development, reduce product recall rates, and extend product life.  We have been working with the world’s most recognized companies in Aerospace and Defense, and transformed the businesses of esteemed brands–Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Safran, GE, IHI to name a few. We can be your thinking partner & help reap the numerous advantages of digital transformation. I would appreciate an opportunity to meet your senior engineering and procurement leaders to showcase our best practices and solutions.
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CODIUM Company Limited
CODIUM was founded with the conviction that technology is the key enabler to move Thailand forward. We are a premier digital transformation solution provider with a complete focus on providing world-class enterprise solutions to businesses in Thailand. Established in 2013, CODIUM has delivered numerous enterprise IT solutions for both domestic and global clients. Key clients include PTTEP, SCB, Football Association of Thailand, Thai League, AFC, KPMG, PTT Digital, JD Central, and SBRAND Japan. Our company's key milestones include: 2014: We entered a strategic joint venture with UIH to form Cloud HM, Thailand’s first virtual data center provider 2018: We become an E-Tax service provider to facilitate "Thailand 4.0" vision of a digital economy 2020: We launch an E-Memo service to enable a truly "Work from Anywhere" business workflow We are your digital transformation engine. We are CODIUM.
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TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Company Profile TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd is the largest decorative paint manufacturer in South East Asia and exporter of premium paint products including decorative paint, heavy paint, wood coating, protective coating, marine coating, chemical construction, aerosol spray and abrasive product. TOA is the leader of innovative and decorative paint manufacturer in South East Asia who offer and supply a variety of demand by a plenty innovative painting solution system in both household and industrial market. More than 40 years of paint business, our products continue to gain an increasing share of the highly competitive in both international market and domestic sales due to our premium product quality and high service level. With high standard and strong product portfolio, TOA has been growing faster than the industry average. We draw our strengths from the new products, best-managed behavior, and also strong sales force. During the past ten year, TOA has expanded its business to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Middle East Zone. TOA consider the importance of the human capital and equality of opportunity. Our employees will be offered an attractive salary and benefits package as well as career and learning development. Due to our rapid growth and expansion in the business, we are currently looking for the number of dynamic, result-oriented, and high energetic calibers to join our excellent team in the following positions:
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Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS)
Advanced Info Service Plc (AIS) or “AIS” is the “Digital Life Service Provider” which consists of three core businesses namely mobile, fixed broadband, and digital service. In this 26th year of mobile service, AIS has maintained its leading position with 48% revenue market share and is serving 40.6 million subscribers nationwide. AIS has 4G/3G/2G networks, covering 98% of populations at the end of 2016. In 2015, AIS started a new fixed broadband business through a pure fiber optic network under the brand ‘AIS Fibre’. As of 1Q17, AIS Fibre had 373,900 subscribers with service coverage of 5.2mn homepass in 28 provinces. Striving to become a significant player in the next 3 years, we continue to expand our business and build stronger operational foundation. The last part of AIS' core business is digital service, focusing on 5 key areas; video, game, mobile banking, cloud and M2M. For video service, AIS developed AIS PLAY, a video-content mobile application and AIS PLAYBOX, which is a set top box for home entertainment via AIS Fibre. AIS’ subsidiaries operate various telecommunications related businesses including domestic mobile service, international direct dialing services, and international roaming services etc. The Thailand’s telecommunication industry has been regulated under the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (“NBTC”). AIS granted the license to operate business from the NBTC as follows; 2100MHz spectrum license: Advanced Wireless Network (AWN), a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIS, received a 15-year 2100MHz spectrum license (2x15MHz bandwidth), at the bidding cost of Bt14.6bn in December 2012. On the license scheme, service revenues are subjected to annual license fee of 5.25% and network ownership belongs to AWN. This spectrum has been invested for 3G coverage and capacity. The 2100MHz network is now used for 3G and 4G services. 1800MHz spectrum license: AWN won a spectrum license of 1800MHz (2x15MHz bandwidth) from the auction held by the NBTC in November 2015 at the bidding cost of Bt41bn. The license is valid for 18 years until 2033 and also subjected to annual license fee of 5.25%. The 1800MHz spectrum is currently deployed for 4G LTE and LTE-A services. 900MHz spectrum license: AWN acquired a spectrum license of 900MHz (2x10MHz bandwidth) from the re-auction in May 2016 at the bidding cost of Bt76bn. The license is valid for 15 years until 2031 and also subjected to annual license fee of 5.25%. The 900MHz is currently used to deploy 2G, 3G and 4G. All these 3 spectrums are deployed for 2CA (1800/2100) and 3CA (900/1800/2100) technology in density areas.
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NFQ (Thailand) Co., Ltd
NFQ (Thailand) Co., Ltd NFQ Asia is part of the global NFQ Group with 20+ years of experience scaling companies and a team of 500++ developers. With offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Danang and now Bangkok, NFQ Asia focuses on building high-performance dedicated teams for ambitious tech-driven businesses in Europe and Asia.  Each team works directly with the client from end to end in an Agile spirit. This unique set up gives our employees the experience of working for a real product company, with a real sense of commitment and ownership to the product itself.
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Local Eats Co., Ltd.
Local For You established in Brisbane, Australia in 2017 is becoming the number one alternative online food ordering system in Australia for Thai Restaurants.  We build Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants and Fast food outlets. We currently focus on providing this service to Thai Restaurants in Australia and we are opening a new office in Thailand! Our platform is commission Free and can save the Restaurant partner $1000’s in commissions charged by other suppliers. We also increase their revenue up to 30% monthly by providing a marketing system for them. Your role and experience will be a critical key member of the management team in building and implementing the right systems to look after our growing customer base. Are you looking for a rewarding role with a growing industry worldwide? If so, come join our team. We will grow together!
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