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We are one of the largest  Education Technology (EdTech) start-ups in Southeast Asia! Our aim is to make sure every child can access high-quality education through  technology. Our mobile application contains all types of education-related content (learning videos, study notes, quizzes, practice exams) that are tailored to the the national curriculum and the varying needs of every child. We are currently operating in 3 Southeast Asian countries, with over 15 million users and over 300,000 teachers in our system. We now plan to expand our operations and are looking for a local team to help build up our organisation, and produce education-related content and services that can transform the lives of over 10 million students in Thailand.
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Adecco Eastern Seaboard Recruitment Ltd.
Adecco Worldwide – The Adecco Group is a Fortune Global 500 company and the global leader in Human Resources services. Registered in Switzerland, and managed by a multinational team with expertise in markets spanning the globe, the Adecco Group delivers an unparalleled range of flexible staffing and career resources to clients and associates. Adecco was created in 1996, following the merger of Adia (Switzerland) and Ecco (France), two leading personnel service firms with complementary geographical profiles. We are now having more than 5,100 offices in 60 countries and territories worldwide. Our vision is to ensure that people across the globe are inspired, motivated, trained and developed to embrace the future of work. Adecco Thailand - Adecco Thailand is the leader in Human Resources Solutions, offering Recruitment service, Employment Staffing Service, Service Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing and Human Capital Solutions. With over 30 years of experience in Thailand, we have developed the network and expertise to assist companies in building successful teams. We are now operated with 10 Business Units, connects over 17,000 Associates each day through Adecco network of over 350 Employees. Our recruitment managers and consultants are in possession of expertise, knowledge of industry and employment trends, enabling us to fully understand HR requirements and offer the most practical solutions.
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Palomar Systems Co., Ltd.
Palomar Systems Co., Ltd. บริษัท พาโลมาร์ ซิสเต็มส์ จำกัด เรากำลังมองหาคนรุ่นใหม่ไฟแรง ที่มีความคิดสร้างสรรค์ ชอบความท้าทาย สนใจในสิ่งใหม่ๆ ที่จะมาร่วมกันสร้างผลงาน และเติบโตไปกับเรา หากคุณกำลังมองหาบริษัทที่กำลังเติบโต ได้เรียนรู้งานใน Skill ที่หลากหลายในสาย Mobile & Services ได้ทำงานกับระบบที่มีผู้ใช้งานจริงหลักล้านในวัฒนธรรมองค์กรแบบ Customized Agile ที่เน้นการทำงานเป็นทีม และทุกคนช่วยกันแลกเปลี่ยนไอเดีย และสร้างสรรค์ผลงานร่วมกัน
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PHOENIXICT CO., LTD. About Phoenixict Sinwattana is the name of the trusted Crowdfunding platform in Thailand, we aim to serve millions globally.  Our platform offers various options to serve market demand via use of Donation, Reward and Equity.  To advocate and enroll global adoption, we are open to collaborate with local of any countries for those who aspire to serve the crowd wholeheartedly. The team started our idea with communities and people in mind. We have attained support to strive towards an impactful and inclusive platform where we identify meaningful projects for our donors and investors Development started since 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand Pride on our core values of earning your TRUST, working with INTEGRITY and serving with DIGNITY, we believes that 'Funding should never be a showstopper to genuine individual or businesses who wants CHANGE and generate IMPACT towards a greater better world. Co-creation is another key focus as we form partners and strategic alliances across Asia. With the vision for growth, we positioned “Gateway to Asia through Thailand”.  We are one of key driver for change and a disruptor in FinTech. We are PEOPLE’s platform!
Jobs from this company
Roojai Group
Roojai Group is a licensed insurance broker, specializing in online car insurance. We bring new technologies to the car insurance market: from purchasing to claiming. We want to provide our customer with the best possible insurance experience. A simple promise leads all our actions: Always there when you need us! launched at the start of 2016. We are looking for new colleagues to join our growing team. We want individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset, who are interested in working in a fun and fast-paced, mid-up environment. For more information, see our website: The company has the ambition to become the benchmark provider for car insurance in Thailand, recognized for its innovative distribution model, better priced products, and market leading claims services. Join the Roojai team : An experienced start-up team involved in creating Online Insurance Businesses in Asia and Europe over the last 10 years An international Team over 180 people from 10 different nationalities A flat and open organization A culture based on customer service and execution excellency. Relaxing, Flexible, Family & Friendly environment   
Jobs from this company
Epic Consulting Co., Ltd.
Epic Consulting Co., Ltd. Epic Consulting Co., Ltd. is a consulting company specializing in Information Technology (IT) outsource and recruitment services. We believe nurturing relationships with both our clients and our people is the key ingredient for sustainable growth thus fulfilling our vision to be a leading IT outsource provider in Thailand. Our experienced recruiters know both IT and outsource industries, and have been working with a variety of companies. We are committed to bringing the right people and the right companies together. Integrity is one of our core values. We treat all information supplied to us by candidates with the greatest confidentiality and will only pass on to a third party with their express permission. We are looking for talented, enthusiastic and skilled people who are customer-oriented and passionate in excellence to join our dynamic team. Be part of our growing group of talented IT professionals!
Jobs from this company
Chanwanich Group/กลุ่มบริษัทจันวาณิชย์
Chanwanich Security Printing Co., Ltd., the Leader and digital printing service provider, has implemented the standardized e-Document certified by ISO 27001. With team of experts having direct experiences to support all types of Electronic Documentation (e-Document), we can support the large Batch File and Real-time information within limited time frame. We also supports the business continuity plan (BCP) to the business operators who want to send electronic documents (e-Document) to customers according to the specified delivery channels i.e. e-mail and SMS.  The electronic documents that we implement and deliver are included; e-Letter, e-Statement, e-TAX Invoice, e-Receipt, e-Proposal, e-Policy, e-Coupon Hence, our services can be broken down into following sectors; Electronic document file (e-Document) service and electronic document submission (e-Document) to the end customers. e-Document processing system Implementation according to specified conditions and install at the operator's premises (On Premises). Chanwanich Security Printing Co., Ltd. can provide customized software development services corresponding to each personalized requirement as a tool for the sustainable business competition. Chan Wanich Group of Companies : 10 Business Units Total Employees : Approximately 3,500 people Head Office :  Kongboonma Building, Silom Road,Bangkok, Thailand Factory Location : Phra Pradaeng, Phra Pradaeng Riverside,Thepharak, Sinsakhon Printing Industrial Estate 1 and 2
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บริษัท แมงโก้ คอนซัลแตนท์ จำกัด
<ul> <li>บริษัท แมงโก้ คอนซัลแตนท์ จำกัด ก่อตั้งขึ้น เมื่อวันที่ 26 มิถุนายน 2551 ด้วยวิสัยทัศน์ที่เราจะเป็นองค์กรสร้างสรรค์ซอฟต์แวร์</li> <li>ให้ครอบคลุมทุกส่วนการทำงานของธุรกิจรับเหมาก่อสร้างและอสังหาริมทรัพย์ หากพูดถึง ERP เราเป็นผู้นำอับดับหนึ่ง ณ ปัจจุบัน</li> <li>องค์กรเราขยายตัวอย่างรวดเร็ว ขับเคลื่อนอย่างมีประสิทธิภาพ และเป็นไปตามเป้าหมายที่เราตั้งไว้</li> <li>Mango ERP เราก้าวขึ้นสู่อันดับหนึ่งของประเทศไทย ฐานลูกค้ากว่า 200 บริษัท ที่ไว้ใจให้เราดูแล การันตีถึงความสำเร็จ</li> <li>และประสิทธิภาพของ Mango ERP</li> </ul>
Jobs from this company
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